The Partners


  • Over 55 years of practice
  • Former Federal Magistrate & Administrative Officer
  • Retired General USAF
  • Retired Judge Advocate USAF
  • Author of several peer review articles in the CCH Labor Law Journal
  • Author of Legal Aspects of Computer Use; Social Security and You
  • Presenter of seminars on government and business relationships throughout the United States
  • Admitted to practice in NY, NJ, CT, District of Columbia; Supreme Court of the United States, Federal Court of Claims; US Tax Court


  • Admitted to practice in DC, MD, TN, & Supreme Court of the United States, US Court of Claims; US Court Military Appeals, US Court of Appeals DC Circuit, USDC DC, USDC MD
  • 65 years practice
  • Former General Counsel to Commandant US Marine Corps
  • Former Trial Counsel for Procurement Matters USAF before Federal Courts and US Court of Claims
  • Retired Colonel USAF Judge Advocate General Department


  • Admitted to practice NJ, PA & Supreme Court of the United States, USDCNJ
  • 40 years practice
  • Former Trial and Defense Counsel USAF
  • Expertise in Real Estate; Estate and Bankruptcy
  • Former Major USAF Judge Advocate General Department


  • Senior Trial Attorney
  • Over 20 years practice
  • Licensed In New York and New Jersey
  • Entrepreneur Business Development Expertise