Immigration in Flux

Immigration in Flux

The immigration laws of the United States provide many avenues for entry into the United States and the path towards either permanent resident status or citizenship. However once you have secured the right to enter the United States, over staying the entry visa poses unique challenges to either extending your right to remain or being deported back to the country of origination.

As recent events have illustrated, the new Administration is taking a new approach to the enforcement of the immigration laws presently in effect but which have not be uniformly enforced in recent years under both the Democratic and Republican Administrations. The present temporary ban on immigration under the present Executive Order is presently before the Federal Appeals Court and the outcome of the final decision in this matter will have a far reaching impact on the entire immigration system.

The McCarran-Walters Act of 1952 gives very broad power to the President over all aspects of immigrationpolicy and has been utilized by President Carter to ban Iranian students from entering the United States and also deporting Iranian nationals then in the United States. President Bush after the 2001 attack on the United States also used the broad Presidential powers under this law to limit and deport foreign residents.

With the immigration law in a state of flux at present, it becomes even more important for individuals seeking to remain in, or enter the United States, to have legal counsel who are current on the day to day status of the immigration situation as advisors.

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